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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

What is it?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint a person to handle your affairs when you are unavailable or unable to do so. It can be used at any time when if you are not able to make your own decisions or if you would prefer someone else to look after your affairs for you.


There are two different types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:


1.    Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney


A health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to choose one or more people to make decisions for things such as medical treatment and can only be used if you lack the ability to make decisions for yourself.


2.    Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney


You can give someone power of attorney to deal with all your property and financial affairs or only certain things like:

  • buying or selling property
  • bank, building society and other financial accounts
  • welfare benefits or tax credits
  • tax affairs
  • debts
  • legal proceedings


Anyone aged 18 or over with the mental capacity can make a Lasting Power of Attorney appointing one or more attorneys to make decisions on their behalf. 


In our experience usually we say the best time to make a Lasting Power of Attorney is when you are still working and are young enough to benefit from the security it can offer your family and friends.


However there are many other circumstances when we have found having a LPA in your younger years is advisable in additional to your Will:

  • if you have a history of mental or physical illness in your family
  • when your day to day job means you encounter stress or dangerous hazards, i.e. builder, fireman, etc
  • if you own a business with family, friends or as a partnership and you need to appoint trustworthy attorneys
  • or you have a wife, husband or partner and you want the peace of mind of knowing their finances and health and welfare will be looked after by a person you trust.

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