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Arranging Your Funeral

On board with us we have the most experienced Asian funeral directors in the UK and have staff from both the Sikh and Hindu communities. We fully understand the needs of these communities and can offer a full package that can make it so much easier for families dealing with losing a loved one.


We can speak the language of your mother tongue to make arrangements easier; this also allows us to liaise with an older generation who many have difficulties speaking and understanding English. Asian funerals will be conducted and arranged by one of our specialist team, we can talk you through what the process is in regards to an Asian Funeral.



Sikh funeral

The Sikhs believe in the cycle of life or reincarnation which certain actions and attachments bind to this cycle. The soul itself is not subject to death. Death is only a progression to the journey from god, through the created universe, and back to god again. The Sikhs try to constantly be mindful of death so he or she can be sufficiently prayful, and the righteous to break the cycle of birth and death and return to god. Because the soul never dies there is no mourning at the death of Sikhs. There is most praying at a funeral so the soul can be released from the bonds of reincarnation and to become on with God again.


Before the funeral Sikhs prepare a yogurt bath for the body while reciting prayers.  Afterwards the body is dressed in new clothes. A sikh is dressed along with the 5 K’s of Sikhi, which are Kesh, uncut hair, Kirpan is a Sikh knife that represents compassion and one’s task to defend the truth, Kara which is a stainless steel bracelet and Kachera which is special Sikh underwear and finally Kanga is a small comb.

On the funeral day there is a small ceremony that takes place at home before the cremation. To start the service there is an Ardass or community prayer. The minister may present to offer prayers and say a few words but this is optional if the minister wants to. At this point the Chopai Sahib is recited followed by reciting Satnam Waheguru. At the Crematorium the final Sikh prayer Kirtan Sohila is recited before the cremation begins. The guests can leave and the service last usually about 30 to 60 minutes.

After that there is a service at the Gurdwara.  The words Satnam Waheguru are chanted through the service to help release the soul to return to the infinite. This second ceremony which is a service in itself can up to about an hour.


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