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Why should I make a Will?

To have your assets distributed according to your desires, to reduce Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability, to speed up the division of your estate, to name guardians for your children, and to prevent disputes after you have died.


When should I make a Will?

There is no better time than the present. If you’ve started out in a career, bought your first home or recently married, have young children, it is a perfect time to write your Will. You will be laying the foundations of your estate and it is better to be prepared than not. If your circumstances change at any point, your Will should be amended professionally or started again.


When does my Will become valid?

Your Will is legally binding as soon as it has been received, signed and witnessed.


Will you store my Will for me?

Yes we do offer storage of Wills for all of our clients. We recommend you use this service for peace of mind, knowing that the Will is stored safely, and will be easy to locate for the executors when it is necessary for them to do so.


Can I change my Will?

Yes. If you have received a Will from us and wish to alter any of the details due to any change in circumstances, get in touch with us to discuss it. Any Will made by yourself may not be valid.


What’s the difference between a ‘DIY’ Will and a professionally drafted Will?

You can make your own Will if your estate is relatively small and you are comfortable with the technicalities and terminology involved. However, you will have no one to guide you through the requirements or check whether the Will is valid. It is very easy to get part or even all of it wrong. Using an online Will is an easy way of making sure the Will meets all the requirements and is a good tool to use when your estate is straightforward to distribute. However, for more complex and lengthy Wills it is advised to contact a professional, like Sikh Wills. They will be able to draft your Will for you from the information you provide about your assets. This option is safer and it is a benefit in the long run to know that your Will has been properly drafted and is tax efficient.


I am currently married; doesn’t everything automatically go to my spouse?

If you die without having made a Will, you are said to have died “intestate”, meaning the laws of intestacy will decide who gets what and which proportions. Your spouse would be entitled to your personal effects and the first £250,000 of your estate. The remainder will be split into 2 funds. Your spouse will receive the interest accumulated on one half of this sum (this will pass to your children on their death) and your children will receive the remaining half once they have reached the age of 18. You may find that any part of the intestacy rules are not to your liking, which is why it is very important that a Will is made to make sure your wishes are followed.


What happens if I die without making a Will?

If you die without making a Will, the laws of intestacy will apply. This will mean that any wishes you had with regard to the distribution of your estate will be ignored and some family members might not be taken care of. Generally, if you have a spouse and children, it will go to them, divided by the formula set out under the intestacy rules. If not, your property would go to other family members; your grandchildren, your parents, your siblings, or more distant relatives if there are no closer ones. 


Can children under 18 inherit?

Children under the age of 18 cannot inherit any substantial assets or property. The inheritance will be held on trust until they reach the age of 18 or the age specified in the Will. However, they will be able to receive any income from the trust fund as soon as they reach the age of 18. Apart from this, the appointed trustee (usually the Executor) will decide what capital or income will be used to benefit the minor, e.g. for the child’s education, until they are entitled to the inheritance.


Do all my debts cancel when I die?

No, none will be cancelled. Some credit card charges and mortgages may be covered by life insurance, in which case the insurance money can repay the debt. All other debts, though, must be paid off through your estate and will be the responsibility of the Executors to deal with.


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