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#GIVINGIT10 - The Dasvandh Project

What is GivingIt10: The Dasvandh Project? 

We all like to take things. But ask yourself this; when did you last give something or help someone? Dasvandh means a "tenth part" and refers to the practice among Sikhs of contributing one-tenth of their earnings or time towards the common resources of the community (Wand Kay Shako). Dasvandh is a pure and simple business with God. This is where the phrase #GivingIt10 came from. 

To inspire a new level of giving within our community in the UK 
To encourage the spirit of Dasvandh amongst the younger generation 
To provide a reliable stream of funding to charities and organisations 

Anyone can join this campaign. It doesn't matter if you’re rich, poor, young, old, male or female. It’s for anyone and everyone. 

What types of SEVA (selfless service) can I do? 
Donate 10% of your earnings, donate 10% of your time (2.4 hours a day), feed the hungry, nurse the sick, comfort the suffering, educate the illiterate, feed the poor, helping at the Gurdwara, donate money to charities, donate to food banks, help local schools, donate blood, donate stem cells or bone marrows, start your own charitable fund (You can start your own project by creating a separate bank account for your Dasvandh and giving it away when you’ve reached your goal.) There are so many ways you can help. Be creative. Be different. But remember you don’t have to give 10%, give as much as you can. 

NOW! We would like to get as many people involved as possible and help raise awareness of the importance of the Dasvandh teachings in the Guru Granth Sahib and how it can become a part of our daily lives. 

Why not upload a video, a picture or write how you’re #GivingIt10? Inspire others with your actions. You could even nominate someone to share how they will participate! It’s all about giving and having fun.

"ghali khai kichhu hathhu dei, Nanak rahu pachhanahi sei”
He alone, O Nanak, knoweth the way who eats out of what he earneth by his honest labour and yet shareth part of it with other
(GGS, 1245)



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